Adult Learn to Row

Learn To Row Info

Adult Learn to Row sessions are held in the summer and in the winter.

Winter 2018 - Erg Sessions

January - February; Mondays @ 6:00 PM and Wednesdays @ 6:00 AM (additional dates may be added and will be posted)

Winter Learn to Erg Cost: $50

The cost to participate in our Learn to Erg sessions is $50. This covers the cost of coaching and administering sessions. This will also cover you as a member until membership is renewed in March 2018. Membership gives the participant access to the facility and the club equipment outside of the Learn to Erg hours. For information regarding our indoor facility schedule see our "Indoor Winter Schedule" page.

Summer 2018 - Session 1:

May 21 – June 8; Monday, Wednesday, Friday; 5:30am-7:00am

Summer 2018 - Session 2: 

June 11 – June 29; Mon, Wed, Fri or Tues,Thurs, Sat (mornings)

Summer LTR Cost: $250

The cost of the LTR session is $250. This covers the cost of administering the Learn to Row session in addition to covering you as a member for the remaining calendar year. Membership gives the participant full access to the facilities and the club equipment.


Our adult learn to row programs are coached and administered by a coach. Other staff members to note are Roger Huffman (Director and Head Junior Girls Team Coach), and Joe Cincotta (Club President). 


There are two types of rowing: sculling and sweep rowing. In sculling, each athlete holds two oars (one in each hand), and can scull alone in a single shell (boat) or with a partner in a double shell or with 3 others in a quad (shell). In sweep rowing, each rower holds only one oar and rows as part of a crew (which generally includes a coxswain and 4 or 8 rowers). As an adult novice rower at The Milwaukee Rowing Club, you can learn how to scull (we currently do not have sweep Learn to Row opportunities).

Sculling offers a way for you to row at a time that is convenient for your schedule. The Club has several single shells, double shells, and two quads for members' use. For beginners, we also have wide-bottom trainer singles which are more stable than the narrow shells used for racing. Some people take a year or more to graduate out of the trainer singles; it all depends on how determined you are and how much you practice on the water.

Sculling (and rowing) is a very technical sport, not really a "leisure" activity. Please read our entire website to learn more before you consider joining. Check out "single sculling" videos on the Internet (YouTube) and feel free to come on down to our boathouse to watch club members rowing or sculling. It is a mentally challenging sport even for experienced rowers who have been rowing for many years. There is always some technical aspect that can be worked on by doing drills in the boat, focusing on bladework, body position, etc.


Adult classes for sweep rowing will not be held. To still experience rowing in Milwaukee, we invite you to consider joining The Milwaukee Rowing Club and learning how to scull! Sessions for learning to scull are available and can be scheduled at your convenience. After a few initial outings, new scullers can enjoy the sport alone or with other scullers (new or experienced).


  • Swim at least 200 meters (self-certify on waiver)
  • Tread water for at least 10 minutes (self-certify on waiver)
  • Lift a minimum of 40 pounds over head (self-certify on waiver)
  • Sign the MRC waiver
  • View U.S. Rowing Safety DVD
  • Take an online safety quiz based on MRC rules and U.S. Rowing Safety DVD


If you want more information, please contact:

Joe Cincotta - - for any questions regarding adult sculling at the Milwaukee Rowing Club.