Milwaukee Rowing Club Adult Info

Our adult rowing members consist primarily of scullers. This means that each rower has two oars. There are two types of rowing: sculling and sweep rowing. In sculling, each athlete holds two oars (one in each hand), and can scull in a single shell (boat) or with a partner in a double shell or with 3 others in a quad. In sweep rowing, each rower holds only one oar and rows as part of a crew (which generally includes a coxswain and 4 or 8 rowers). As an adult novice rower at The Milwaukee Rowing Club, you can learn how to scull (we currently do not have sweep Learn to Row opportunities). See our Learn to Row page for more info. The benefit to sculling is that it is much easier to have on the water sessions due to a need for fewer individuals to fill the seats in a shell (boat).

We also have some sweep adult members who mostly gained sweep experience prior to joining as an adult member. These members form rowing sessions by connecting with each other to row on the water during scheduled hours.

Learn to Row

We have learn to row opportunities for adults interested in learning the sport and becoming a member of our club. Once you have completed a learn to row session, you may be cleared to begin taking equipment out on your own or with other members of the club. Our goal is to integrate Learn to Row participants into our current member group to allow members to enjoy on the water sessions together. If you are interested in learning the sport see our Learn to Row page

Experienced Members

Current members and prospective members of the club with prior rowing experience are not required to take a learn to row session. These individuals may take equipment on their own or set up rowing sessions with other members of the club provided they have gotten clearance to do so. Members must prove their competence on the water and must be well aware of all club rules and policies

College Rowers - Summer Membership

Are you a collegiate rower looking to train in Milwaukee for the summer? We have Collegiate Summer Memberships available from June 1st through August 31st for persons enrolled as fulltime students who are members of a club or varsity rowing team during the academic year at colleges located outside of Milwaukee area. The summer membership gives these individuals access to the facility and the equipment during the summer months. Local college athletes may row or cox in the summer based on payment of annual dues.


If you are a member of an outside club and you are interested in rowing on the water while you are in town, you are required to row with other members of our club. You must also sign the necessary waivers to gain access to the equipment with our members. Please contact if you are interested in rowing as a guest.