On the Water


Our season on the water begins as the river thaws and it becomes warmer and safer for our members to begin taking out equipment. The water season lasts until the dock comes out in the first week of November. During this time, our members are welcome to use the boathouse and the club equipment. All new members are required to have an orientation at our boathouse to familiarize them with our equipment, our rules/guidelines, and our waterways. Prospective members who are inexperienced in the sport should see our Learn to Row page for information on how to learn and become a member of the club.


We have a number of club boats available for use by our members. In order to make it easier for our members to navigate the boathouse and which shells (boats) may be best for them, we have created a document describing the location, size, and specs of each shell in the sculling bay. You can access the sheet by clicking below. This is also available to view in the boathouse.


Adult members are welcome to use the facility when they wish. However, the preferred time for adult members to go on the water is in the early morning hours. This is when most adult members go on the water. There is minimal activity on the rivers and the conditions tend to be more favorable. The MSOE Varsity crew members are the only others using the facility in the early morning hours (Mon-Fri during the school year). Provided it fits your schedule, adult members may use the facility in the middle of the day when there is less activity at the boathouse and on the water.  Adults may also use the facility in the late afternoon/evening. There is a greater chance of more traffic during this time including the Milwaukee Rowing Club Juniors (high school/middle school) and the MSOE Novice rowers. In the summer, the evenings are more open due to a change in schedule for the MRC Juniors, however, there is an increase in pleasure boaters during these warmer months. Click here to view the MRC Juniors annual schedule.